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Heyaa Im The Owner of this blog. I would like to introduce my self. Okey, im a girl from Earth Planet.Love Fashion,book,flat shoes,and another cute things. I think im not a serious Fashion blogger, im just share appearance and also to share my fashion style. And sometimes my activities and diary.
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Saturday, 21 August 2010 | 00:45

My looks at looklet, yeaah, not to important post, what do you thing about my looks ? give me your comment :)

My wishlist for this year :
Khaki Trousers.
Wondershoe cute shoes!

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KFF - Plaza Indonesia
Monday, 9 August 2010 | 23:13

pic 1 information :
Mitha(Most back),Me, Khansa ,Zaskia (The most forward)
my shoes-Ocen Blue, All dress- Gingersnap

 Yes, me , at KFF, Gingersnaps show. 
me with Zaskia
all dress-Gingersnaps
( I have new friend at KFF ! Khansa, NurZaskia, and Mitha, acctualy many friend i have at KFF but, I do not get too close, at KFF )


At Left is Khanza, and the right is Zaskia, well, i dont have Mitha photo,im not lie *sorry mitha*.
See you later guys, comment please ! :)

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Fashion Festival Info
Thursday, 5 August 2010 | 22:53

Come to Mango Grand Indonesia , 4 Indonesian bloggers will be competiting each other in a styling competition 

And, this, I think this for kids, yeah Kids product
6-8 Agust 2010 ! Come to Plaza Indonesia Mall, fourth floor,

I'll be at Plaza Indonesia to witness the Femina fashion festival, this Saturday, (when Gingersnap fashion show)

Giveaway info and an award
Friday, 23 July 2010 | 06:48

An Award from Ice creamy world
And i have questions
-Can you describe your blog?
      Not perfect, ordinary, not too well known, many shortcomings, 
okay I can not judge, ask someone else please

-Why you like blogging?
i can share stories, share about fashion, well anyway related to my daily activities

-What is your vision and mission of blogging?

maybe I just want my blog many people liked

-This award is dedicated for? (choose your 10 friends)

.A little princess.
entered Giveaway, prize necklace from universal studios, for 2 people, interested? if yes klik .a little princess.


Blue Tops with polkadots skirt
Wednesday, 7 July 2010 | 21:19

Shoes-Trace, tops-unbranded,skirt-unbranded,Necklace-unbranded

Aloha Guys, long time not post at my blog, yeah, one week is so long to me. Okay, I'm busy holiday this time by a variety of activities, yeah it seems I was wrong to say that this is a boring holiday. Okay, I'm playing in Kidzania, then I went to watch the operetta bobo fair, Monster Hipokrito at JHCC . Then I also watched the Eclipse in theaters, not finished, I still went to the Plaza Indonesia shopping mall, I auditioned for Femina magazine model. Indeed there are many malls I have visited this holiday. Okay switch to the World Cup, has now reached the final, the Spanish against the Dutch, at first I was not interested in the World Cup, but it was fun too, and now I think I would feel lost because the world cup is almost finished, and will be held again Four years to come, is indeed a very long time

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First Award :)
Wednesday, 30 June 2010 | 08:52

Thanks so much Sista, and i have some questions i should Answer
1. How many blogs do you have and how old are they?
I have a lot of blogs, but I am only active in this blog (littleshopperholic) , age Littleshopperholic  is just three months (yes such a short time) I had a Fashion Blogger, so im very new in the world of blogging XP

2. Since when have you known about blogging world?
I know from myself, yeah, I like to explore the Internet, and suddenly Ta-da, I found Blogger, and I made an account there.

3. Why were you interested in blogging ?
Yeah, I'm not the type of person who likes to write diaries, whether in books or on websites. As far as my blog Diary of modern works with the media to the Internet. So I'm not so interested in the blog, but because I love fashion, I find people who posted her fashion style, so a simple explanation I immediately loved the blog. Moreover, I am inspired by the Diana Rikasari, Veren, glitters and blistters, and many other fashion bloggers, well, if it
they can why can not I? 
4. What are the plus and minus points of your blog?  
I do not know, ask other people who read my blog, in short, my blog has many shortcomings compared to other blogs ^^
5. This award’s tagged for :

Yeah, thanks for Award ;)


Polkadots dots dots
Sunday, 27 June 2010 | 23:35

Dress- Unbranded, shoes-Donatello, DIY hair clips (see at first picture)

Vacation this time, i do not go anywhere, i just stay at home, me and my sisters feel so realy boring.My mom took me to the Blitz Megaplexcinema and Valerie, We watch Toy Story 3, and mom took me and my sisters, play Kidzania at, well, not my sister play too, She Participate at Kidzania events, Indovision Grand Oppening Because She is one of Miss Kidzania. And after That We dont go anywhere again. But my parents promise to led us to beach and old town, i think We Also go to Museums, and the good news, We Can taking picture ^ ^, i can share my photos here:) And promise my mom would take me and Valerie watch the movie again we will be watching the Eclipse, the series of Twilight Saga! 
And the last, this is very make me HAPPY! My mom allow me buy LSR Canon EOS 1000d! but i must be purchased with money me and Valerie itself while we were only given a little extra, at only one million, whereas the price of the camera about 4.4 million, so it takes a long time, about this or even Febuary December, we will try can buy it as soon as possible
Have a nice holiday everyone, dont follow my twitter and forget Littleshopperholic Blog!